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Discover our unique H2H hiring model

— We breathe Technology

  • Direct Hiring : We fill a vast array of positions and requirements, from graduate level to experienced professionals.
  • Consulting : An experienced, skilled consultant can make a significant difference in a stagnant, understaffed or underskilled company.
  • Set Up Operations : We can help you build your operation from scratch, from finding the best place to set up your operation, to help you with legal issues and continuous support with all daily managment concerns

We work to find the perfect match …

— Don’t downgrade your dream just to accommodate your reality. Upgrade your mind to match your destiny.


Recruitment is art …
it takes sensitivity

HumanIT is a consultancy company specialized in providing the best recruitment solutions for
technology companies around the world.

We passionately created this hub to raise a bridge between innovative companies and the absolute best candidates on the market.

Independently of where you are or the workforce you need, we will use our global networks and expertise to find, hire and relocate people that love what they do.

Re-humanizing IT Recruitment

Let’s work together?

  • Because we are all humans

Whether it’s sport, politics or technology, great teams can change the world. But building great teams is difficult.

It’s a science and an art!

A discipline we’ve perfected, having worked with hundreds of the world’s most innovative companies to help them build game-changing teams.

I’m a human (or) looking for a human

Where do we work

Onsite – Recruit experienced, skilled Humans that can make a significant difference in your company.

Remote – Reach Humans remotely from the comfort of their home, our offices or anywhere else in the world.

International –  Seize the opportunity to work alongside our Humans, in your own country.

Areas we hire

Software · Development · Data Science · Business Intelligence · Big Data · Quality Assurance · DevOps · IT Infrastructure · IT Management · Robot Process Automation · Machine Learning

Our world experience

Portugal · Switzerland · Germany · Russia · USA · Netherlands · France · Canada · Sweden

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We wholeheartedly believe that the human aspect is always essential to any kind of relationship, at any workplace, in friendship and in life.


PORTO: São Bento da Vitória 46 – Office 9 4050-542 Porto, PT

LISBON: Avenida Defensores de Chaves nº4 1000-117 Lisbon, PT

COVILHÃ: Rua António Augusto Aguiar nº60, 6200-013 Covilhã, PT