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Independently of where you are or the workforce you need, we will use our global networks and tech recruitment expertise to find, hire and relocate your missing team members.

We’ll help you find, hire and relocate the best (and scarcest) tech talents from around the world – just as easily as if they were on your doorstep.


Why humanit?

In a nutshell, we have the necessary experience and expertise to source the ideal candidates, completely tailored to your needs. Our fundamental practices have evolved through development and infrastructure, contract and permanent hiring, all the way to SME and large-scale recruitment operations.

We source graduates, researchers, analysts, consultants, developers and project managers for demanding jobs or consulting projects.

Global talent : Are you in desperate need of a qualified iOS engineer? Maybe you want a Chinese Lead Data Scientist? Most likely, your future employees are already featured in our global talent pool.

Hiring the ideal professionals : The employee selection process may vary according to your company’s size. Whether you’re just a startup or a Fortune 500 company, we will seek only the most suited professionals to your specific needs..

Convenient relocation : Whenever you find the right candidate, we will assure a fuss-free integration on your company, in any part of the world.

Our Services:

Direct Hiring : We fill a vast array of positions and requirements, from graduate level to experienced professionals.

Consulting : An experienced, skilled consultant can make a significant difference in a stagnant, understaffed or underskilled company.

Set Up Operations : We can help you build your operation from scratch, from finding the best place to set up your operation, to help you with legal issues and continuous support with all daily managment concerns

Let’s work!

No prepayments : You will only be charged whenever you find the ideal candidate for your team. Starting a partnership with us is completely free.

We have the expertise : Our team is comprised of experienced and knowledgeable IT professionals. The tech world is our bread and butter, and we know all the ins and outs of its workforce market.

A global talent pool : Our portfolio features the most talented IT professionals from all corners of the world. With the help of a global database with more than 150k profiles, beautifully complemented by our vast personal network, we certainly have your future teammate up our sleeve.

Unique and exciting professionals : Widening your recruitment options, we can easily unlock the most sought out hiring sources and help you uncover truly unique talents for your team.

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We think globally and will look beyond limits to bring the world together. Our job is to find the perfect fit between globally-oriented companies and the worldwide community of humans.

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